How to use Bitfract

Step 1: Design your portfolio

Before starting, please make sure that you are visiting

Select your input asset and enter the amount you'd like to exchange. Next, select your output currencies and enter the percentage allocation for each. You can add more outputs by clicking the "Add Asset" button below the output list. Finally, click the purple "Exchange" button to continue."

Step 2: Enter Output Addresses

Input the recipient wallet addresses for each asset. Triple check that each address is correct to avoid accidentally sending assets to the wrong address. If you enter the wrong wallet address, it may be impossible to recover any funds you send.

After verifying each destination wallet address, click the "Confirm" button to continue.

Step 3: Exchange

From your digital asset wallet , send the exact amount of BTC specified to the BTC deposit address, ensure that you copy the BTC deposit address precisely.

As soon as your BTC is received and confirmed, the exchange will begin. The status of each transaction is indicated as exchanged, sent, and received by your wallet. If there are any issues, contact us at [email protected] or